Our services include:

Socio - Economic  Research

Programme  impact studies, Feasibility studies, Monitoring and evaluation (M&E), Econometric modeling, Policy evaluation, Policy impact studies, Regional development, integration and research, Market intelligence, Trade and investment promotion, Research and surveys, Primary research, Questionnaire design and data collection, Data capturing and analysis

  1. Conducting Impact Assessment Studies
  2. Organisation climate and culture survey
  3. Market research
  4. Skills needs assessments
  5. Skills gap analysis
  6. Policy Recommendations
  7. Research design and planning
  8. Design of research tools and document alignment
  9. Drafting survey schema

Data Capturing Services

  1. Data Collection/enumeration
  2. Data entry template design
  3. Coding and Editing
  4. Data entry
  5. Data Verification, validation, Tabulation and Analysis

IT Support

  1. Development of the Online / Offline Applications

  2. Hardware and Software installation

  3. Database Design